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svx (go)

SVX is a file format to describe multiple versions of a binary or source file. It's based on XML and is currently described with a Document Type Definition (DTD).

libsvx (go)

LibSVX is a attempt at making a library to parse and process SVX files.

out_lame (go)

out_lame is a Winamp plug-in that let you encode files in MP3. It's based on the LAME encoding engine.

mpa2wav (go)

mpa2wav let you add a WAV header to MPEG Audio files.

ac32wav (go)

ac32wav let you add a WAV header to AC3 files.

timer (go)

a Win32 application to measure the time to execute a command.

autotext (go)

a Windows application to generate random text based on other text files.

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