AutoText by UUUU

UUUU is Universal Utopic Union 4 Uman


What is AutoText for ?
Autotext is a little program that let you create random texts, based on others text. It's based on the Markov models.

Why this random text ?
Because I always wanted to write non-sense texts and I knew markov models could do that.

How does it work ?
You just have to click on the AutoText.exe file to run it. Then you have to drag & drop plain text files into the program windows.
To process random text, simply click on the "New text" button and the text will appear in the main window. Then you can cut and past the texts that you like.
You can have a look at autotext.txt to see the kind of work can be done with AutoText.

What do I get ?
You should have a Zip file containing the AutoText program (AutoText.exe) a example of what it can do and the C source files. The source file was made using Borland C++ 5.0 but they should work with all © Windows 95 compatible compiler. You can freely modify these sources to do whatever you want. But I won't be responsible for any damage it can cause.

What is the price ?
Nothing. It's a pure freeware. I don't even want to be e-mailed with thanx !

Copyrights ?
No © at all. Just the Copyrights for MS-Windows 95/98 and the compiler I've used at work (february 1999).

What is the future of AutoText ?
If you want me to add anything, just ask me.

Public versions :
e1.0.003 - 05/03/99 - English version 1.0 (build 003) : added Help feature
e1.0.002 - 05/03/99 - English version 1.0 (build 002)