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libSVX documentation



The LibSVX is a software library to parse SVX files ( written in C++.


It is published under the BXAPL license v1.0 (not yet published).

The BXAPL License v1.0 or or


The goal of LibSVX is to avoid the complexity of SVX files to the developper and provide high levels tools for handling the content of SVX files.

It should be used on as much platforms as possible. For the moment the alpha development is done on Visual C++ 5.0 and 6.0. But all the underlying library dependencies are all compatible with many other compilers.

The API is still in very early alpha state.



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Hosted on and this documentation up to date on

add a caching scheme for searching in lists : use the current iterator otherwise search the whole list

Add the possibility to add new SVX data to a document

Add the possibility to save one product in a file (w/wo a callback)

Add the possibility to sort the products

Use the methods to add even on creation (add a file to an empty file)

Remove method XmlElement() where it only calls the upper class

possibility to retrieve the version of a package

Verify all the IsValid() methods

move the XmlElement() processing in the constructor (done only once)

high level interface (available through libsvx::Document) to load/save/search/replace/add informations into a SVX file

describe libSVX in SVX using libSVX :)

Allow dynamic linking with dependent libraries

Allow dynamic linking to libSVX

Create another IsValid method with a bRecursiveCheck parameter

Possibility to load/save with/without default values (default without)

Add callbacks on validity for upper level API

Handle the dependency coherence between products (query for a specified product/version)

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