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libsvx Compound List

Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
libsvx::ActivationThe class containing Activation informations <activation></activation>
libsvx::AttributeThe generic class containing Attribute informations attribute="value"
libsvx::BugfixThe class containing Bugfix informations <bugfix></bugfix>
libsvx::ChangesThe class containing Changes informations <changes></changes>
libsvx::Crc32The class containing Crc32 informations <crc32></crc32>
libsvx::CsvThe class containing Csv informations <csv></csv>
libsvx::DependencyThe class containing Dependency informations <dependency></dependency>
libsvx::DescriptionThe class containing Description informations <description></description>
libsvx::DocumentThe high level class containing SVX informations
libsvx::DVersionThe class containing DVersion informations <dversion></dversion>
libsvx::ElementA virtual class containing Element informations <element></element>
libsvx::ElementDownloadableA virtual class for elements holding a Mirrors list
libsvx::ElementEvolutionA virtual class to define all possible evolution classes
libsvx::ElementGenericA virtual class for genric elements (ie elements with a property that is common to many element classes)
libsvx::ElementLicenseA virtual class for elements holding a License list
libsvx::ElementNameA virtual class for elements with a name attribute
libsvx::ElementPCDataA virtual class for elements holding PCDATA
libsvx::ElementTextA virtual class for elements holding Text lists
libsvx::ElementUidA virtual class for elements with a name attribute
libsvx::EmailThe class containing Email informations <email></email>
libsvx::FeatureThe class containing Feature informations <feature></feature>
libsvx::ImprovementThe class containing Improvement informations <improvement></improvement>
libsvx::LicenseThe class containing License informations <license></license>
libsvx::Md5The class containing Md5 informations <md5></md5>
libsvx::MirrorsThe class containing Mirrors informations <mirrors></mirrors>
libsvx::MNetworkThe class to access network URLs
libsvx::Mptr< Type >A class similar to the STL auto_ptr but it can compare 2 values
libsvx::Mvector< Type >A vector of pointers of a specific types
libsvx::NotesThe class containing Notes informations <notes></notes>
libsvx::PackageThe class containing Package informations <package></package>
libsvx::ProductThe class containing Product informations <product></product>
libsvx::SfvThe class containing Sfv informations <sfv></sfv>
libsvx::SvxThe class containing Svx informations <svx></svx>
libsvx::TextThe class containing Text informations <text></text>
libsvx::UrlThe class containing Url informations <url></url>
libsvx::VendorThe class containing Vendor informations <vendor></vendor>
libsvx::VerificationThe class containing Verification informations <verification></verification>
libsvx::VersionThe class containing Version informations <version></version>

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