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MCF Specification, Technical Part/Extended Info

This is a subpage of MCF-specification.

Here is an example of the current Extended Info dialog (preferred UI). This area is subject to change!

 Extended Info
Edition:Production Year:
Name: (person or company)URL: (with http://)Mail: (without mailto:)
Original Author:
Encoding Date:Country:
Editing Date:Language: Dubbed

Content Type: Genre:
Textfield1:  Textfield5:
Textfield2:  Textfield6:
Textfield3:  Textfield7:
Textfield4:  Textfield8:
Checkbox1 RadioA1 RadioB1
Checkbox2 RadioA2 RadioB2
Checkbox3 RadioA3 RadioB3
Checkbox4 RadioA4 RadioB4
Checkbox5 RadioA5 RadioB5
Checkbox6 RadioA6 RadioB6
Checkbox7 RadioA7 RadioB7
Checkbox8 RadioA8 RadioB8


Labels written in italics depend on Content Type. Actual labels can be found from mcf.dat, which is a file we'll start distributing when this stuff gets stable enough. Players should be distributed with a copy of that file: don't hardcode stuff from mcf.dat to your program. The file should be user-upgradable.