CoreLib / CoreSync

multimedia database


CoreLib is an open-source and cross-platform database of all kind multimedia content (audio, video, subs).

CoreSync is a CoreLib client that allows the user to merge/compare/synchronise multimedia files between 2 folders, devices.

This project aims to become the central part of multimedia files accessing and tagging on each multimedia platform (Windows, Linux, OS X, BeOS). It is designed as a database storing the location of multimedia content and meta-informations for this content (tags, streams info). And it is similar to the MDDB project specified on HydrogenAudio but more ambitious.

The status of the project is currently : specification stage.

The system architecture would probably look like this :

SQL backend < -- > CoreLib < -- > Tag Input/Output Plugin < -- > Files
                         --- > 3rd party application to access the database (like CoreSync, Foobar2000, TCMP, CoreLibGUI, LAME, etc)

Here is a list of features that would be nice in CoreLib :


CoreSync is an application like any file merger (Beyond Compare, Araxis Merge, diff/patch) except that it works with multimedia files. The goal is to be able to automate the filling of a portable device to the max with certain rules (today I want all new files of genre "Trip-Hop" with bitrate higher than 130kbps up to 510MB) or synchronise a desktop computer with a laptop full of multimedia data (again with max values for the size of the content).

It could work without a CoreLib on the system or making use of the system database. In the first case it will use it's own internal database to compare/merge files based on their tagging/naming. Otherwise it will use a database for each device defined.

Here is a list of features that would be nice in CoreSync :